Frequently asked questions

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Although we don’t have the ability to provide support directly to your clients, yet… We’d be happy to help you support them. When they have a question, just copy and paste it into a support ticket from your dashboard and we’ll take care of it.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers.

If you have a hosting package that includes a free domain name, your domain registration will continue to be free every year.

If your hosting doesn’t include a domain name, then you will continue to pay for the renewal.

The only hosting service we offer without a domain name is HAUSKEEPING.

We don’t need to manage your domain name, you can keep it with your DNS but we will need somewhere to point your hosting so just make sure you click on the correct option when checking out.

Web hosting is like a house (hence the name HAUS).

Your website needs to have a space to live online. It could be your computer, it could be a connected hard drive or it could be your friend’s server but it’s important to consider that the device should remain on at all times and always connected to the internet. Otherwise your website won’t be available.

We keep our servers up to date, clean, modern and fresh at all times with multiple datacenters connected directly to ISPs in order to maintain quick load times and secure hosting for multiple areas worldwide.

Our servers are the perfect place for your website to live. They are both fast and secure and optimised for your specific website.

A control panel allows you to make changes to your hosting package and website installation.

We use cPanel because of its large feature set which gives you full control over every aspect of your website.

Your control panel includes over 100 apps that make building a website a breeze and will help you keep everything up to date.

The only way to increase your bandwidth on our WordPress hosting plans is by upgrading your plan to the next level.

We are very generous with bandwidth so if you find that you’re constantly running low, just bump it up to the next plan or to one of our unlimited plans.

You can monitor your server’s status directly from your cPanel. Just login to your cPanel account and click on “Server Status”.

We provide all of this information for you in your cPanel installation. Simply login to view it.


Live Chat (Coming Soon)

Our live chat support will be coming online very soon.

Support Tickets

The fastest way of getting your problem handled. Our team is constantly updating our support tickets.

Phone Support

We currently only offer US-based phone support to our HAUSKEEPING clients.

Social Media

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